Research Projects


List of selected Research Studies from April 2005 to March 2021

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The following are the ongoing research studies - 

1. Enhancement of Public Transport Services in Thiruvananthapuram City

2. Road Asset Managment for National Highways and State Highways in Kerala

3. Development of Integrated Land Use Transport Model for Thiruvananthapuram

4. Transportation Planning for Resilient Infrastructure in Disaster Prone Areas: A  Case Study of Munnar Town

5. Field Evaluation of Indo -HCM for Intersections in Kerala

6. Periodic Updation of GIS based road and traffic database for Kerala

7. Periodic Updation of Price Indices for Different Public Transport & Freight Operations

8. Pavement Rehabilitation Design Based on Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test (DCPT)

9. Study on the Influence of Different Types of Aggregate, Filler and Bitument on Bituminous Mixture Properties and Performance

10. Evaluation of Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mix Using Admixtures

11. Resource Mapping of road construction materials in Kerala - Phase II

12. Crash Prediction Modeling of Undivided Two -Lane Two -Way Road Netwroks in Kerala

13. Overtaking Behavior of Drivers - A Case Study on selected roads in Kerala

14. Web GIS Based Road Crash Information System

15. Utilization of Geoinformatics Tools for Development of Comprehensive Road Network for Kerala State

16. Synthesis of riach origin-destination usiing fusion of multiple sparse data sources

17. Impact of integrated feeder services for encouraging urban mass transport patronage in post -pandemic world

18. Experimental investigation of Cold Mix Asphalt with different Additives

19. Characterization of flowable fill incorporating industrial by -products

20. Laboratory Investigation of Bituminous Porous Mix

21. Application of Surrogate Safety Measures at Unsignalized Intersections

22. Applications of ITS for Enhancing Safety at Critical Locations and Blackspots

23. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Cell

24. Performance evaluation of Kochi Water Metro

25. Traffic Safety Cell



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